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About Us


In the year of 1915, a church seed was planted by a few of God's servants, the Craft Family, into grounds fertilized by the Holy Spirit. Today that church seed is a manifestation of God's will.  Antioch was the first Black church in Katy. In accordance with the will of the Lord, in the city of Katy, Texas, a brush arbor was constructed on a lot donated to this church by the late Mr. A .A.  Stockdick.


In the year of 1916, the first Pastor was called, Rev W.M.F Reese.  Rev. Reese was a powerful preacher full of faith, and the Holy Spirit. Many were added to the church and a frame building was built. on December 24, 1916, the church was dedicated and given the name Antioch. The name Antioch was suggested by the late Sis. Jennie Craft Kelly which was taken from the first Sunday School lesson. Rev. Reese served for 14 years in the Katy Community.


The second Pastor was Rev. S. A. Adams. Under Rev. Adams' leadership, many were added to the church. He served for six years.


The third pastor was Rev. J. U. Carrington. Rev. Carrington had a brief but successful stay.


The fourth pastor was Rev. S. M. Jeffery. He served for 35 years. Under Rev. Jeffery's leadership, another building was erected. Some years later, this present building was purchased and moved to this site. Rev. Jeffery's health began to fail him and he resigned after many years of faithful service.


The Fifth pastor elected was Rev. E. L. Thomas. Under Rev. Thomas' leadership, many were added to the church and some repairs were made on this building. After serving the church for six years, Rev. Thomas was called to another church.

The first Deacons of Antioch Baptist Church were Deacons Jim Craft Sr., Alford Craft, Oliver Jackson, John Williams, and Ben Thompson.


The first secretary was Sis. J. E. Kelly. The second secretary was Sis. P. L. Lewis. The third secretary was Sis. E. Conner and the fourth Sis. Joyce Harris.


The sixth pastor was Dr. H. L. Johnson. Rev. H. L. Johnson was dedicated and well known for his timeliness.


On November 23, 1980, by the grace of God, humble prayers, unity, cooperation, and support from the members and Katy community the church family moved into a completely bricked and remodeled building. Antioch was blessed with the pastorate of the late Dr. H. L. Johnson for 22 1/2 years until his transition.


In August of 2008, Pastor Tyron G. Freeman was called to lead Antioch into a new frontier. 

Now 100 years later Antioch is still pressing forward, added many members and cleared the lot in the back, making building improvements and ministering in the community. 


Always at the service of God's People

Rev. Tyrone G. Freeman - Pastor

Sis. Eva Freeman - First Lady

2008- Present

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